We appreciate the Felicitas Bauxite Mining Project will generate some change for the community of Toodyay and surrounding areas. We want to understand the community’s vision for Toodyay and how our project can best play a role in the region’s future.

We are committed to working responsibly and respectfully throughout the project development and operations we promise to always be open and honest with information about our plans and study findings, and engage the community in decision-making processes.
To do this, we will implement a number of engagement mechanisms inviting the community to participate in the project’s development and later operations.

We have established a Community Information Centre in Toodyay and a dedicated project Community Advisory Group. We will update this website regularly and host face-to-face community sessions to discuss new information as it comes to hand.

You can expect us to:
  • engage with communities to ensure all views are considered as part of our decision making processes
  • effectively and clearly assess the social impacts of our proposed operations in collaboration with community stakeholders
  • involve stakeholders in the management and mitigation strategies of social impacts as well as identifying opportunities.
We aim to contribute towards community growth through social and economic benefits gained by:
  • employment for local people
  • commerce opportunities for local business
  • opportunities to participate in and local partnership programs.
Our objective is to work towards positive outcomes for the community, environment and the local economy.
Whilst we are still a long way from any operations you can contact us via telephone on (08) 9200 6300 or via email at bruce.groenewald@yancoal.com.au. We look forward to hearing from you.